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Ross DeVol, MA Biography

Chief Research Officer at the Milken Institute
Pro to the question "Does Lowering the Federal Corporate Income Tax Rate Create Jobs?"

“The single most important thing the US can do to jumpstart job creation is to reduce the corporate tax rate to 23 percent, a 12-percentage-point reduction from the current 35 percent rate.

My recommendation is based on recognizing that our jobs challenge is structural in nature. We must devote our efforts to devising long-term, non-cyclical fixes. Globalization has forever changed the international competitive landscape. Cross-border transactions, from trade to foreign direct investment and portfolio investment, are now the norm. Given these developments, the United States must re-evaluate its policies relative to other nations on a regular basis. We are well behind the curve.

Reducing the corporate tax rate would improve the competitiveness of firms that operate here and reduce biases against investing and operating in the United States.”

“Cut Corporate Taxes by a Third,” The Atlantic, July 19, 2011

Involvement and Affiliations:
  • Chief Research Officer, Milken Institute, Jan. 1998-present
  • Executive Director, Milken Institute, 1998-2011
  • Recipient, Robert Parry Award, National Association for Business Economics (Los Angeles Chapter), 2015
  • Senior Vice President, IHS Global Insight Inc., 1992-1998
  • Former Director of Economic Planning, CSX
  • Former Economist, Chase Econometrics
  • Former Economic Analyst, Union Pacific
  • Former President, National Association for Business Economics (Los Angeles Chapter)
  • Education:
  • MA, Economics, Ohio University, 1983
  • Other:
  • Has made media appearances on CNN’s Moneyline, Fox’s Business News, CNBC and NPR’s Talk of the Nation
  • Twitter: @devolross