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Mark Cuban Biography

Businessman and Owner of the NBA basketball franchise Dallas Mavericks
Con to the question "Does Lowering the Federal Corporate Income Tax Rate Create Jobs?"

“Companies hire because they need people to compete and keep customers happy, not because of lower tax rates. The same principle applies to hiring. It is incredibly expensive to hire people. You hire people because you need them. You don’t hire them because your taxes are lower. You don’t hire them because you just repatriated cash from a foreign country. You hire them because you have a specific need for them. They are going to help you become more profitable, more productive, more competitive, whatever the reason. No one hires people simply because they have some more cash in the bank… Bottom line is that while CEOs of public companies and financial engineers have good reasons to ask for lower taxes, I don’t see lower taxes creating jobs.”

“My Views on Corporations and Taxes,”, Nov. 15, 2011

Involvement and Affiliations:
  • Producer and actor, Shark Tank, 2010-present
  • Angel Investor, IceRocket search engine, 2004-present
  • Co-Owner, Landmark Theaters, 2003-present
  • Angel Investor, Weblogs Inc., 2003-present
  • Co-Founder, Co-Owner, AXS TV (formerly HDNet), 2001-present
  • Owner, Magnolia Pictures, 2001-present
  • Owner, NBA basketball franchise Dallas Mavericks, 2000-present
  • Co-Founder, 2929 Entertainment, 2000-present
  • Co-Founder, Audionet, 1995-1999 (became in 1998)
  • Former Founder, MicroSolutions
  • Education:
  • BA, Business Administration, Indiana University, 1981
  • Other:
  • was acquired by Yahoo! in 1999 for $5.9 billion in Yahoo! stock
  • Net worth $2.4 billion as of Mar. 2013
  • Donated $250,000 in Dec. 2012 to the Electronic Freedom Foundation to aid its efforts to reform patent laws
  • Born July 31, 1958 in Pittsburgh, PA
  • Twitter handle @mcuban