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Information Technology Industry Council Biography

Pro to the question "Does Lowering the Federal Corporate Income Tax Rate Create Jobs?"

“ITI advocates for tax reform that levels the international playing field. We consistently have urged the federal government to enact a tax system that makes America more competitive and a magnet for job creation and business investment. In working with Congress, ITI seeks to lower the corporate rate in a fiscally responsible manner, move to a territorial system that keeps job creators from being taxed twice on their earnings, and make permanent incentives for breakthrough research and development. These pillars will help to spark job creation and innovation throughout the US economy.”

“Tax,” (accessed June 17, 2013)


“The Information Technology Industry Council (ITI) is the premier advocacy and policy organization for the world’s leading innovation companies. We have earned the trust of the world’s most recognized technology brands to solve their most complex policy challenges.

ITI is home to the top innovators and best-run companies around the globe. Our members pioneer cutting-edge products and services that improve people’s daily lives. Forbes ranks our members among the most innovative companies on the planet, and ten of our companies are among the world’s 50 largest corporations.”

“ITI Background,” (accessed July 8, 2012)


“ITI navigates the constantly changing relationships between policymakers, companies, and non-governmental organizations. We provide creative solutions and policy advocacy that advance the development and use of technology around the world. We match our members’ breakthrough innovations with cutting-edge approaches to help people and governments better understand our members and the work they do.

Our expertise ranges from market access to sustainability, from core standards to the cloud. Our influence spans the world’s national capitals and key commercial markets. We develop first-rate advocacy strategies and market-specific approaches. And we deliver results.”

“ITI Background,” (accessed July 8, 2012)

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