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Alana Semuels, MSc Biography

Staff Writer at The Atlantic
Con to the question "Does Lowering the Federal Corporate Income Tax Rate Create Jobs?"

“First off, lowering the corporate tax rate alone won’t necessarily make any difference-there are plenty of other things that shape where companies choose where to locate-an educated workforce, a robust regulatory regime, and access to capital among them. Second, it’s entirely possible that companies can move somewhere for a low tax rate and still create little economic activity and few jobs there. Third, lowering taxes can lead to a race to the bottom in which many countries compete to lower their taxes…

Perhaps most important, though, is that the US is already home to many companies, despite its high tax rate. Companies locate their operations and employees in the US and (sometimes) pay a 35 percent tax rate, even though that rate is one of the highest in the developing world…

Why limit the tax revenues from those companies if they’ve already committed to staying in the US despite its high taxes?”

“Would Cutting Corporate Tax Rates Really Grow the Economy?,” The Atlantic, Oct. 20, 2016

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